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1.Bara wayyaanee 100% caalaa Oromiyaa gurgurate diinummaa Oromoo gidduutti ijaare manaaf qabeenya ummata gube. Ilmi keesaan shanee ta’ee jedhee jaarsaf jaartti waggaa 80 bakka tokkotti ajjeesee. Obboolaan lmamaa erga takka ajjeesset reeffa bineesa nyaachise. Haadha Ijollee 4 ajjeesee maatii goodaatti hambise.

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Oromoo fi Oromiyaaのメンバー158,284人。Baga Nagaan Dhuftani! 1) Garee kana keessatti arrabsoo, dhimma amantii, waantota safuu hin eegne post ykn share gochuun... #Baalee_Gobbaa. At this time they are going to make a demonstration saying let the people of guji and borena are going to stop their voice. # ባሌ_ጎባ This is the fact that the command post against wollega, guji and borena is fighting against the air and the innocent genocide in wollega, it is not possible to see the other sleeping.

Abarra Daggafaa - Oromiyaa Badhaatu - New Ethiopian Oromo Music 2019 [Official Video] 18,672: Ali Umer (Baba) - Silale - (official music video) New Ethiopian Oromo Music 2016: 18,643: Mekuanenet Abebe - Nanu Yene Gela (Official Music Video) New Ethiopian music 2016: 18,634: Tefera Negash - Zegeyesh (ዘገዬሽ) 1992 E.C. 18,629 Jul 26, 2017 · Oromoon golee Oromiyaa jiru hunduma irraa guyyaa Irreechaa kanatti seera guutee uffatee jiidha qabachuun Waaqa galateeffanna, ni kadhanna, Uumamaan uumaa isa ta’e waaqa raajeffanna! jechuun Hora Harsadii magaalaa Bishooftuutti argamu kana deemee galata galchata. Hawaasni waggaa waggaan achitti argamu bara baraan dabalaa deemaa jira. Dursee Minilik sangaa fardaa Oromoo irraa boojiyate san yaabbatee wiirtuu Shaggarii fi wiirtuu Oromiyaa kan tahe, Birbirsa keessa ("Piyaassaa") dhaabatu sun hatattamaan buqqifamuu qaba! Kun waamicha dubartoota Oromoo Aannoleetti harmi irraa cicciramee fi waamicha dhiirota Oromoo Aannolee fi Calanqootti harki irraa mummuramee ti!

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